Case Studies

"Case studies of failure should be made a part of the vocabulary of every engineer so that he or she can recall or recite them when something in a new design or design process is suggestive of what went wrong in the case study."Henry Petroski

Case Closed: Aurora Assist's Success Stories and Lessons Learned

Flipping the switch on utility frustrations! We turned a tough case into a triumph, sparking joy and lighting up our client's day. 

With a little Aurora magic, not only did we save the day, we banked a bounty of thanks too!

Parking our way to Victory in the OJEU Car Parking Tender at a Multi-Site University

From Credit-Strapped to Seven Figures: How a Business Grant Saved the Day

Counting the costs of staff affairs - and how we got our client her job back

Reminder to always recover your uniforms from your ex-staff

Brief skeletons to Bestsellers

Fences make good neighbors...? Not always

Shaking up Business Rates bills

A story of a rejected second hand car...

Author had gone snowblind and needed help

Unfair parking charges and bad signage

A recruitment project with a difference...

Unscrupulous employers who think they can get away with anything...

An employer who tried to do things off books...

When Murphy's Law Strikes -  A nightmare scenario

Grabbing Justice: How Aurora Assist Helped a Tenant with Disabilities Fight for Home Modifications

Disability Discrimination Denied: How Aurora Assist Helped Miguel Fight Back Against Unaccommodating Employer

Plan for the best, but expect the worst, especially with estrange family

Sister Sleuths: How we reunited two siblings after years apart.