Patent & Intellectual Property Law

"Intellectual property is the fuel of the future. Protecting it ensures that innovation continues to thrive."
Elon Musk

Fortify Your Innovations, Secure Tomorrow Aurora Assist's Intellectual Property & Patent Expertise

In the modern competitive era, shielding your inventions and creative masterpieces is paramount. Aurora Assist, with its profound expertise, stands as your stalwart partner in the realm of Intellectual Property & Patent Services.

Why Entrust Aurora Assist with Your Intellectual Property & Patent Needs

Distinguished Patent Attorneys 

Our cadre of seasoned patent attorneys navigate the intricate corridors of intellectual property protection, ensuring your innovations are shielded robustly.

Holistic Patent Services 

From the nascent stages of patent drafting to the intricate phases of filing and prosecution, our services encompass every facet.

Bespoke Strategies 

Recognising the distinctiveness of each invention, we craft strategies tailored to your aspirations.

Patent Portfolio Stewardship 

A robust patent portfolio is the cornerstone of enduring success.

Intellectual Property Counselling 

Beyond patents, our expertise spans trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and other intellectual property domains.

Unwavering Confidentiality 

Your intellectual property's confidentiality is sacrosanct.

Transparent Pricing Paradigm 

We champion transparency and equitable pricing.

Embark on Your Intellectual Property Protection Journey

Aurora Assist's passion lies in aiding innovators and creators in fortifying their intellectual property. Engage with Aurora Assist today, charting your course towards intellectual property protection, and laying the foundation for impending success.

Your Intellectual Property Advocate

With a policy centred on delivering top-tier services spanning patents, trademarks, design patents, copyrights, terms and conditions, privacy policies, and contract drafting at affordable rates, our commitment is unwavering. As a registered intellectual property practitioner with a rich tapestry of certifications from esteemed institutions, our expertise is unparalleled. Over the past seven years, we've filed a plethora of patent and trademark applications across diverse jurisdictions.

Our Intellectual Property Services Encompass


Our services span from conducting comprehensive patent searches, devising robust protection strategies, managing PCT patent applications, to facilitating patent licensing. We ensure that your innovations are safeguarded at every stage.


We assist in both the drafting and filing of national and international design applications, ensuring that your creative designs receive the protection they merit.


Our team is adept at crafting trademark protection strategies, conducting both national and international trademark searches, and filing applications. We ensure that your brand identity remains distinct and protected.

Enforcement of International Intellectual Property Rights 

We delve deep into the intricacies of the TRIPs agreement, ensuring that your intellectual property rights are upheld on an international scale. Additionally, we handle border enforcement of trademarks and copyrights, ensuring that your rights are not infringed upon during import or export.

Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policies 

In the digital age, safeguarding user data and setting clear terms of service is paramount. We assist in drafting clear and compliant terms, conditions, and privacy policies tailored to your operations.

Contract Drafting 

Contracts form the backbone of many business transactions. Our team is skilled in drafting contracts that are clear, compliant, and tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that your interests are always protected.

At Aurora Assist, we believe that every idea, innovation, and creation deserves robust protection. Our comprehensive suite of intellectual property services is designed to provide you with the peace of mind that your intellectual assets are secure. Engage with us today and let us be the guardians of your intellectual legacy.