First Step Program

"Prison does not disappear problems, it disappears human beings. And when we refuse to reckon with the problems that men and women who have been released from prison face, we fail to address some of the very mechanisms that have produced mass incarceration in the first place."Angela Davis

Breaking Barriers, Aurora Assist's First Step Program for Successful Reintegration into Society

The First Step Program from Aurora Assist is especially made to help people who have served time in prison on their quest to start over and land fulfilling jobs. We offer a variety of programs that are tailored to each person's specific needs because we are aware of the problems that come with having a criminal record and finding employment. 

Our First Step program includes resume building, interview preparation, job search assistance, and other supportive services to help our clients obtain employment. Additionally, we collaborate with local businesses and organizations to connect our clients with job opportunities that match their skills and interests. 

Aurora Assist knows that by providing this kind of support, we can help people effectively reintegrate into society following jail and help recidivism rates decline. We can assist our clients in building a secure and fulfilling life following their release by assisting them in overcoming the obstacle of their criminal record and locating employment. 

If you or someone you know needs support after incarceration, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about the First Step Program and how we can assist 

For our US Clients...

Please be aware of the Federal Bonding Program if you are one of our clients in the USA. In particular, convicts who have worked for Unicor on government contracts for military equipment discover that when they apply for jobs outside of jail, the prospective employer somehow feels that they are untrustworthy to weld even a neighbor's automobile.  

Felons who previously worked for Unicor, commonly known as the Federal Prison Industries, may be granted a bond to work for a company outside of prison. Bonding is a sort of insurance that guards against financial loss caused by theft or other unethical behavior on the part of an employee. 

At-risk job applicants, including ex-offenders, can receive bonding help under the Federal Bonding Program (FBP). The US Department of Labor oversees the program, which is accessible in all 50 states. The FBP provides six months of bonding coverage for individuals who are deemed to be at risk of committing dishonest acts due to their backgrounds, including ex-offenders.  

Individuals must be hired by or get a job offer from a qualified employer in order to qualify for the FBP. Self-employment and those launching their own businesses are not covered by the FBP's bonding provisions. 

Therefore, if a felon who has worked for Unicor is able to find a qualified employer who is willing to hire them and the employer participates in the FBP, then the felon may be able to obtain bonding coverage and work for the employer on the outside. They do not need to have applied for this during their incarceration.