Unfairly Fired to Sweet Victory

The Affair that Almost Cost an Accounting Firm a Talented Employee: How We Helped Debbie* Regain Her Job and Justice Prevailed

Debbie had been a dedicated and high-performing employee at an accounting firm for five years. However, her world was turned upside down when her manager started having an affair with another employee in the office. The manager began unfairly favoring his mistress over Debbie, making her work-life unbearable.

Despite raising a grievance about the situation, Debbie found herself being accused of poor performance by her manager. The disciplinary procedures that followed were not in line with either company policy or employment law, but she was eventually dismissed from her position.

Debbie reached out to Aurora Assist for help, and we were able to assist her in bringing the facts to the employer's attention. We discovered evidence of the manager's affair and how it had negatively impacted Debbie's job role, including losing clients due to the manager's poor decision-making.

Our team worked diligently to represent Debbie's case and were able to get her job reinstated with backpay, a salary increase, and other benefits. The manager and his mistress were ultimately fired from their positions.

While the accounting firm did not require further assistance from Aurora Assist, they retained our services due to the excellent work we had done on behalf of Debbie. We were proud to have been able to support Debbie in her quest for justice and happy to have a new client as a direct result.

This case highlights the importance of ensuring that disciplinary procedures are followed in line with company policy and employment law. Employers must take any accusations of unfair treatment seriously and conduct investigations in a fair and transparent manner. If not, the consequences can be severe, and it can lead to unnecessary legal and financial consequences.

*Names have been changed to protect identities.