Sham Agreements

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Championing Your Rights: Protecting You from Sham Tenancy Agreements

Are you a tenant who suspects that your landlord is misclassifying your tenancy agreement as a license instead of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST)? At Aurora Assist, we understand the significance of properly identifying and protecting your statutory rights as a tenant. Our experienced team is here to help ensure that you receive the legal protections and benefits that you are entitled to under an AST.

Identifying Sham Tenancy Agreements

Sham tenancy agreements occur when landlords attempt to label a genuine tenancy as a license to bypass the legal obligations and protections associated with an AST. This misclassification can have serious implications for tenants, leaving them vulnerable to eviction without proper notice, unfair rent increases, and limited recourse for resolving disputes.

Know Your Rights, Defend Your Interests

If your landlord insists that your tenancy is a license rather than an AST, it's essential to understand your rights and take appropriate action to safeguard your interests. At Aurora Assist, we specialize in helping tenants navigate the complexities of tenancy agreements and ensure that their rights are not undermined by deceptive practices.

Comprehensive Legal Assistance

Our dedicated team of legal professionals is well-versed in tenancy law and has a wealth of experience in dealing with sham tenancy agreements. We can provide comprehensive assistance tailored to your specific situation, including:

Review and Assessment

We will carefully examine your tenancy agreement, considering its terms and conditions, duration, exclusivity of possession, and other relevant factors. Based on our assessment, we will determine whether your agreement qualifies as an AST or if it has been misclassified as a license.

Statutory Rights Protection

If it is evident that your tenancy should be classified as an AST, we will take proactive steps to ensure that your statutory rights are upheld. This may include challenging your landlord's misclassification, seeking legal remedies for any breaches of your rights, and guiding you through the dispute resolution process.

Negotiation and Mediation

We can engage with your landlord on your behalf, seeking to resolve the issue through negotiation or mediation. Our aim is to reach a fair and satisfactory resolution that upholds your rights and maintains a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship whenever possible.

Legal Representation

In cases where negotiation or mediation proves unsuccessful, we can provide expert legal representation to protect your interests in court proceedings. Our team will diligently advocate for your rights, presenting compelling arguments to support your position and seek a favourable outcome.

Secure Your Tenancy Rights with Aurora Assist

Don't let a sham tenancy agreement compromise your rights and well-being as a tenant. At Aurora Assist, we are dedicated to championing your rights and ensuring that you receive the legal protections and benefits you deserve under an AST. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process, fight for your rights, and provide the support you need to navigate any challenges that arise.

Contact Aurora Assist today to discuss your situation and let us help you protect your rights in the face of sham tenancy agreements. Together, we can ensure that your tenancy is accurately classified and that you are not walked over when it comes to your statutory rights as a tenant.