Transcription Services

"There is basic equipment required: a headset, a Dictaphone to play the tapes that must be transcribed, and patience, a willingness to become a human conduit as the words of others enter through her ears, course through her veins, and drip out unseen through fast-moving fingertips."Amy Rowland

From Audio to Text: Let Aurora Assist Transcribe Your From Audio to Text: Let Aurora Assist Transcribe Your Thoughts

Transcription is the conversion of audio or video recordings into a written format. While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made significant advancements in transcription services, it often falls short in areas like medical, legal, and research due to challenges in recognising dialects, regionalisms, vernacular terminologies, context, and nuanced elements. Aurora Assist bridges this gap with our professional transcription services.

At Aurora Assist, we employ professional transcriptionists who meticulously listen to recordings and transcribe the words, punctuation, syntax, and other speech elements into a document that is easily comprehensible. Our team boasts an impressive average typing speed exceeding 125 words per minute with a flawless accuracy rate. We pride ourselves on recruiting only the best transcriptionists, ensuring high-quality results with swift delivery.

Experience You Can Trust

Aurora Assist has been the trusted partner for attorneys, medical researchers, medical personnel, and more for over a decade. Our medical transcription service adheres to HIPAA regulations, guaranteeing precise and timely documentation of patient data. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we ensure your data remains secure and aligns with the latest standards. With Aurora Assist, you can rest assured that your patient or client information is both secure and accurate. Reach out to us today.

Furthermore, Aurora Assist has collaborated with numerous hospital groups in the USA, the NHS in the UK, attorneys across the Atlantic, and several police departments, reinforcing our reputation in the transcription industry.

Tailored Transcription Services

What transcription service suits your needs? We offer a variety of transcription types, including:

Aurora Assist's transcription services have a rich history of delivering precise transcriptions to our esteemed clients. We present a broad spectrum of packages at competitive rates, determined solely by turnaround time. Contrary to other transcription service providers, we don't alter our pricing based on the number of speakers. Our rates are solely based on the audio recording's duration and your desired turnaround time. Discover more by contacting us today!