County Court Judgments

"Money owed is not yours until it's in your bank account."Martin Lewis

Debt Recovery on Autopilot: Let Aurora Assist Chase Your Debtors While You Focus on Business

Chasing debtors can be a daunting and prolonged task for businesses. Aurora Assist recognises this challenge and offers a comprehensive suite of services to aid in debt recovery, including support with County Court Judgments (CCJs). 

Our adept team at Aurora Assist is proficient in the legal intricacies of obtaining and enforcing CCJs. We offer expert guidance throughout the entire journey, from initiating a claim to enforcing a judgment. Recognising the urgency in debt recovery, we operate efficiently to deliver timely results.

We have facilitated debt recovery for a diverse clientele, encompassing private parking companies, libraries, retail outlets, insurance firms, and more. Each case presents its unique set of challenges, and we address each with the requisite attention and diligence. Our team's expertise in the legal dimensions of debt recovery ensures relentless efforts to recuperate the amounts due to our clients.

Regardless of the debt size, Aurora Assist is unwavering in its commitment to securing the best possible outcome for our clients. Our all-encompassing services, coupled with transparent pricing, instil confidence that your case is managed with utmost professionalism.

Aurora Assist ensures consistent communication, keeping you apprised at every juncture. Our clear pricing structure eliminates concerns about unforeseen expenses.

Given the time-sensitive nature of debt recovery, it's imperative to act promptly. Reach out to Aurora Assist to explore how we can assist in reclaiming your debts.