Fresh Eyes Can Make Your Thesis Shine

New Perspective, New Success: Why Fresh Eyes Can Make Your Thesis Shine

A master's student who was nearing the end of their thesis' development contacted Aurora Assist about our editing and proofreading service. The student, Sarah, had spent numerous hours researching and drafting her thesis, but she thought that in order to ensure that her work was of the best caliber, she required help with proofreading, typesetting, and reference checking. 

Provided the work was her own, and all sources were correctly cited in accordance with Harvard reference guidelines, Sarah had already verified with her university and been told that she was free to use an external proofreading and editing service, however as part of Aurora Assist's commitment to truth and transparency we did confirm with the university that this was within their guidelines.   

We agreed to work with Sarah, and she then benefited from Aurora Assist’s team of experienced and seasoned editors and proofreaders who are conversant with Harvard referencing guidelines. We thoroughly proofread her thesis, looking for syntactic, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. Additionally, we made sure that Sarah's bibliography was exact and thorough and that all her sources were properly cited. 

We assisted Sarah with typesetting and formatting her thesis in addition to proofreading and editing. We made sure the design was unified and expert-looking, and that all headings, subheadings, and captions were formatted and numbered correctly. Whilst there were not that many mistakes in her submission, we believe she may have gone a little snow-blind with it and it simply required Aurora Assist’s fresh, experienced eyes. 

Throughout the editing process, we communicated with Sarah regularly to ensure that she was satisfied with the work we were doing and that we were adhering to her preferences and instructions.  

In the end, Sarah was thrilled with the final version of her thesis. She was grateful for our assistance and felt that our editing and proofreading had helped to elevate the quality of her work. With Aurora Assist's help, Sarah was able to submit a polished and professional thesis that accurately reflected her research and ideas.  

Sarah was ecstatic with her thesis's outcome in the end. She was appreciative of our aid and believed that by using Aurora Assist’s editing and proofreading service, the caliber of her writing had been improved. Sarah was able to produce a thesis that appropriately represented her research and views, and we subsequently had feedback from her that it helped her secure a grant for further study. Contact us today to find out more.