"From little acorns, mighty oak trees grow."
English Proverb

Aurora Assist Evolves and Shines with New Website: Empowering Women and Serving Clients Around the Globe!


A decade ago, Aurora Assist embarked on its mission as a grassroots legal and business support firm, aiming to champion women navigating workplace challenges. Initiated by a visionary during her maternity leave, we saw the pressing need for flexible job opportunities that cater to childcare and promote a work-life balance.

Growth and Diversity

From our roots, Aurora Assist has expanded its reach, now serving international clients across diverse industries. Our multifaceted team boasts attorneys, medical professionals, business consultants, translators, and seasoned secretaries, ensuring custom-tailored support for every client.

Commitment to Clients

At Aurora Assist, we're available 24/7, ensuring all legal and operational needs are met promptly. More than a conventional law firm, we provide a spectrum of services that streamline operations and amplify efficiency, ranging from legal counsel to administrative assistance.

Digital Evolution

Our revamped website is designed to better showcase our diverse services and offer an enhanced user experience, mirroring our commitment to technological innovation while upholding the pinnacle of client confidentiality.

Client Demographics

With a robust clientele, 40% are based in the UK, 35% in the USA, with the remainder spanning various nations.

Beyond Legal Support

Aurora Assist stands as more than a law firm. We're your reliable partner, delivering concierge services that transcend traditional legal aid. Whether managing personal matters or overseeing properties and assets, our dedicated team is on standby to guide you.

Hybrid Office Model

Transitioning into a hybrid office structure, we blend remote work with physical presences in the UK and the USA, optimizing our service delivery and pioneering new avenues in the legal and business realms.

Join Aurora Assist's transformative journey as we continue our global outreach, pushing the envelope of traditional legal support. Together, let's illuminate the path with Aurora Assist!