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For one of our clients, Aurora Assist was actively recruiting legal assistants. Be aware that this client was not a law firm. We found Raj's application while perusing the numerous submissions. Raj was already a stand out candidate. We interviewed a number of applicants, but we knew after Raj's interview that he was the one. Raj was seeking work experience within the legal sector after just receiving his legal degree. Raj wowed us throughout the interview with their understanding of legal principles, focus on detail, and passion for the law. 

We were aware that Raj needed to complete their Legal Practice Course (LPC) to become qualified to work as in-house counsel, and he was applying for roles which were involved in some way in the legal field while looking for employer sponsors for his LPC.  

Aurora Assist took an unusual step and offered to fund their LPC, we worked jointly with our client to sponsor Raj through is LPC as we firmly believed that Raj had the potential to become an exceptional lawyer, and investing in his education was the right thing to do. 

As a result our client employed Raj who worked tirelessly in their newly created role within the company, taking on more responsibilities and demonstrating their value to the firm.  

Over time, Raj gained the experience and confidence they needed to practice law independently, as well as completing their LPC. Raj made some great strides to shaping his employer’s whole industry. Today, Raj is a successful solicitor in England, and we are proud to have played a part in their success.