Fixed Fee Policy

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Fixed Fee Policy

(Prices correct as at January 16th, 2024)

At Aurora Assist, we are dedicated to providing transparent and cost-effective legal and business support services. Our Fixed Fee Policy is designed to offer our clients clarity and predictability in billing, ensuring they can confidently engage our services without the uncertainty of hourly charges.

How Our Fixed Fee Policy Works:

Quoting Based on Average Time: We determine fixed fees by assessing the average time required for similar cases. This approach ensures our clients receive a fair and predictable price for our services.

Shared Risk: In some cases, the actual time spent may exceed our initial estimate, resulting in a financial risk for us. Conversely, matters may conclude swiftly with minimal work, benefiting the client.

Freedom of Choice: Clients have the option to choose our fixed fee arrangement or request hourly charging rates, allowing them to tailor their billing preferences.

Charging in Units:

As with many other law firms, our billing system is structured around units of time, specifically 6-minute blocks. This method ensures that our billing is precise and transparent. We use these units to accurately record the time spent on each aspect of your case, providing you with detailed invoices that outline the work performed on your behalf.

Hourly Charging Rates:

Our billing rates cater to a range of needs and budgets. In the USA, our rates vary from $88 per hour for paralegals to $988 per hour for specialist attorneys. In the UK, rates range from £88 per hour to £788 per hour for experienced solicitors. Fees for other jurisdictions may fall somewhere between these rates.

Our Fixed Fee Policy exemplifies our commitment to fairness, transparency, and delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Thank you for choosing Aurora Assist for your legal and business requirements. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your specific needs further, please feel free to contact us at