Power of Attorney

"A power of attorney is the document by which you can enable someone else to transact business on your behalf. Without one, you could become incapacitated, and no one - not even your spouse or children - can act for you without a court order."Denis Clifford

Empower Your Future with Aurora Assist: Navigating the Powers of Attorney in the UK and USA

Powers of Attorney are pivotal legal instruments that empower individuals to designate a trusted person to make decisions on their behalf in the event they are incapacitated. These documents play a crucial role in ensuring that one's wishes are adhered to and affairs are managed appropriately under such circumstances.

Powers of Attorney in the UK

In the UK, Powers of Attorney are categorised into two main types: Ordinary and Lasting. The Ordinary Power of Attorney serves as a temporary measure, allowing a designated individual to act on your behalf while you retain mental capacity. On the other hand, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is enduring and remains effective even if you lose mental capacity. LPAs are further divided into two subsets: Property and Financial Affairs, and Health and Welfare. The former grants your attorney the mandate to oversee your financial and property matters, while the latter empowers them to make decisions concerning your medical treatment and personal care. Aurora Assist is equipped to guide you through these distinctions and facilitate the necessary arrangements.

Powers of Attorney in the USA

In the USA, the landscape of Powers of Attorney is diverse. General Powers of Attorney bestow expansive powers to your chosen agent, whereas Limited Powers of Attorney confine their authority to specific tasks. Analogous to the UK, the USA recognises Health Care Powers of Attorney for medical decision-making and Financial Powers of Attorney for financial management. Aurora Assist stands ready to help you discern your requirements and make the requisite preparations.

Expertise and Guidance with Aurora Assist

At Aurora Assist, our objective is to demystify the various Powers of Attorney and counsel you on the most suitable option for your circumstances. We also extend our services to the drafting and formalisation of these documents, ensuring their legal validity and alignment with your preferences. Our team, enriched with profound expertise in Powers of Attorney, is committed to offering the guidance and support essential for informed decision-making about your future.

Additional Note

While our core expertise lies in arranging Powers of Attorney in the UK and USA, we also have experience in facilitating POAs in other countries, albeit on a case-by-case basis.