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Aurora Assist Remote Employment Salary Policy

Our Dedication to Social Responsibility

Effective Date: September 16, 2023

Aurora Assist prioritizes its remote workforce, aiming to deliver equitable and competitive pay irrespective of their global location. This policy details our stance on remote employment compensation, factoring in worldwide economic dynamics, regional living costs, and our dedication to promoting sustainable growth in areas where our team members are based.

Salary Determination

Equitable and Competitive Pay

Aurora Assist pledges to provide equitable and competitive pay packages for our remote staff. Compensation is gauged on elements like job duties, credentials, expertise, and prevailing market rates.

Accounting for Regional Economic Dynamics

Recognizing the diverse economic conditions and living costs across nations, we ensure our compensation reflects the economic realities of an employee's residing country. Regular market surveys and analyses keep us abreast of regional salary standards, allowing for necessary adjustments.

Balancing Global Market Rates with Regional Realities

While aiming for competitive pay scales, we also understand the significance of regional economic conditions. Our goal is to harmonize the attraction and retention of elite talent with the economic conditions of our employees' regions.

Addressing Regional Living Cost Disparities

Living Cost Analysis

Periodic living cost studies in our employees' countries help us grasp local expenses tied to essentials like housing, transport, healthcare, and education.

Adjustments Based on Living Costs

Findings from these studies guide our salary structure adjustments, ensuring our staff can uphold a decent living standard in their countries. These modifications are revisited and updated to reflect economic shifts.

Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth

Backing Local Enterprises

We champion local businesses and economic expansion in our employees' regions. While offering competitive salaries, we motivate our staff to boost the local economy by supporting regional commerce and businesses.

Skill Enhancement and Building Capacity

Aurora Assist is devoted to funding skill enhancement programs and capacity-building initiatives in our remote employees' communities. This promotes long-term economic growth and reduces reliance on remote job opportunities.

Compliance and Review

Adherence to Regional Laws

Our commitment extends to obeying all relevant laws, regulations, and labor standards in our remote employees' countries. Our pay practices will be in line with local stipulations, upholding fairness and non-discrimination principles.

Regular Review

This salary policy undergoes routine reviews for its ongoing relevance and efficacy. Feedback from our remote workforce and market or economic changes might lead to adjustments in our pay structure.

Aurora Assist is driven to make a positive difference in our remote employees' regions. We're dedicated to equitable and competitive pay, addressing regional living cost differences, and endorsing sustainable economic growth. By harmonizing global market rates with regional economic conditions, we aim to nurture a motivated and diverse remote workforce while contributing to the growth and prosperity of the communities we serve.

This salary policy is subject to updates, with any changes promptly communicated to our remote staff.

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