Plain English Campaign

"Men of few words are the best men."
William Shakespeare

Say What You Mean: Aurora Assist Collaborates with Plain English Campaign for Transparent Communication

Promoting Clear Communication

The Plain English Campaign, based in the UK, champions the use of straightforward and precise language in all forms of communication. Established in 1979, it has consistently advocated for plain English across various sectors, including government, business, and academia.

Simplicity Over Complexity

The Plain English Campaign encourages the adoption of direct, comprehensible language, steering clear of intricate jargon and technical terms that might perplex readers. They offer guidance and training, empowering individuals and organizations to enhance their communication skills and craft easily digestible content.

Integrating Plain English Principles

At Aurora Assist, we embrace the goals of the Plain English Campaign for our clientele by weaving its principles into our software and services. This integration ensures that we assist our clients in amplifying the clarity and simplicity of their written communication, recommending more direct and comprehensible verbiage.

For instance, when clients input content into Aurora Assist, our software scrutinizes the language, suggesting ways to distill complex terms, eliminate jargon, and boost readability. Additionally, we offer insights on plain English writing best practices, such as utilizing concise sentences, omitting superfluous words, and structuring content logically.

Enhancing Communication Effectiveness

By adopting the objectives of the Plain English Campaign, we empower our clients to elevate their communication's overall efficacy. This can lead to heightened engagement, a deeper understanding, and superior results. Whether our clients are interacting with consumers, team members, or other stakeholders, our emphasis on plain English aids them in realizing their objectives and fostering robust connections with their target audience.