Challenging the valuation office agency (VOA)

Shaking Up the Rates
How Bradford Manufacturing Beat the System with Aurora Assist

Aurora Assist was contacted by a small manufacturing company in Birmingham, UK, called Bradford Manufacturing*, which was struggling with an unusually high business rates bill from the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). They believed the bill was inaccurate and unfair and sought our assistance in challenging it.

Our team at Aurora Assist conducted a detailed review of the facilities listed on the bill for Bradford Manufacturing. We found several discrepancies between the listed facilities and the actual condition of the premises, including a dirt patch being used as a parking area and several pieces of outdated equipment that were no longer in use. We also discovered that the VOA had used outdated rental rates to determine the company's business rates, resulting in an overvaluation of the property.

To build a stronger case, we compared Bradford Manufacturing's business rates bill to those of other similar businesses in the area. We found that Bradford Manufacturing was being charged significantly more than other businesses with similar facilities and equipment. This allowed us to argue that the company was being unfairly penalized by the VOA and that their bill should be reduced.

We presented our findings and arguments to the VOA, along with photographic evidence and documentation of the discrepancies we had found. After several rounds of negotiation and discussion, the VOA agreed to adjust Bradford Manufacturing's business rates bill downwards to a more reasonable amount, reflecting the true value of the property and the actual facilities available on the premises.

Bradford Manufacturing was thrilled with the outcome and appreciated Aurora Assist's efforts in challenging the bill on their behalf. As a result of our work with them, we have gained a reputation in the Birmingham area as experts in challenging business rates bills. We have since assisted several other businesses in the area in similar challenges, using our expertise and experience to help them save money and get the fair treatment they deserve.

Our client was over the money that we'd saved then tens of thousands of pounds overall  You can learn more about our how we help you assess and challenge your ratings bill by visiting our page Non-Domestic Rates Challenges

*Names changed to protect our client's identity.