Personal Transcription Services

"In the transcribing and the editing, you want some retention of how the person speaks - you don't want to edit out all of the hesitations and idiosyncrasies. And to get people to say something they've never said before. That's big."Sheila Heti

From Memories to Legal Disputes: Aurora Assist's Personal Transcription Services for Every Occasion

Transcription isn't merely about converting spoken words into text. It's an essential tool in various scenarios, and Aurora Assist's transcription services stand out in the market. Here's how:

Educational Purposes

Transcription aids teachers and students alike. Capturing lectures or group discussions becomes seamless, making it especially beneficial for students who may find note-taking challenging. It ensures that educational content is accessible, enhancing the learning experience.

Business Meetings

Clarity is crucial in business. Recording and transcribing pivotal business discussions with Aurora Assist ensures transparency and accountability. It's an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to avoid future disputes and misunderstandings.

Market Research

Market research often involves diving deep into focus group discussions or customer interviews. Transcription services from Aurora Assist help researchers discern patterns, understand customer behaviour, and pinpoint preferences, making data analysis more efficient.

Content Creation

For content creators, including podcasters and YouTubers, transcription is a game-changer. It allows them to repurpose their content, transforming audio or video into blog posts, social media updates, and other content forms, thereby expanding their reach.


Inclusivity is at the heart of Aurora Assist. Our transcription services ensure that audio and video content is accessible to those with hearing impairments, promoting universal accessibility.

Legal Purposes

In legal proceedings, accuracy is non-negotiable. Aurora Assist's transcription services provide a precise record of court proceedings or witness statements, making it indispensable in situations demanding clarity and precision.

Choosing the Right Transcription for Your Needs

Different scenarios require varied transcription types. Whether it's verbatim, capturing every utterance, clean verbatim, omitting fillers for a streamlined read, or modified transcripts focusing solely on essential dialogue, Aurora Assist has got you covered.

Why Aurora Assist?

With years of expertise in transcription services, Aurora Assist offers tailored packages to meet your needs. Our transparent pricing, determined by audio length and desired turnaround time, sets us apart in the transcription market.