Maintaining Neighborly Relations

From Fence Fuss to Friendly Neighbors: How Aurora Assist Helped Two Neighbors Resolve a Property Dispute

Mr. Smith and Ms. Johnson were not on speaking terms. They had been involved in a heated property dispute for several months that had started over a fence line and property boundary but had escalated to involve lawyers and even the police. The dispute was taking a toll on both of them, emotionally and financially, and they were no closer to resolving it.

That's when they turned to Aurora Assist. Our legal team investigated the dispute and discovered that the original developer of the land had made a mistake when parcelling the lots, resulting in conflicting property boundaries and legal descriptions in the deeds of both neighbors. Neither neighbor was willing to budge, as they both believed that they were technically correct according to their deeds.

To resolve the dispute, Aurora Assist's legal team suggested mediation. We facilitated several mediation sessions, during which both neighbors had the opportunity to express their concerns and proposed solutions. Our legal team also provided legal advice and guidance to both parties to help them understand their legal rights and obligations.

After several mediation sessions, Mr. Smith and Ms. Johnson were able to come to a resolution that satisfied both parties. They agreed to adjust the fence line and property boundaries based on a compromise solution suggested by Aurora Assist's legal team. The agreement was documented in a legally binding document, which was signed by both parties.

Since then, as far as Aurora Assist understands, neighborly relations have been maintained. Our team's focus on mediation and conflict resolution helped to ensure that both parties were able to come to a satisfactory agreement that addressed their concerns and maintained their respective property rights. Our legal team also provided guidance and advice on how to maintain positive relations going forward, including strategies for effective communication and problem-solving.

At Aurora Assist, we believe that every dispute has a resolution, and we are committed to helping our clients find it. If you're involved in a property dispute or any other legal issue, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

*Names changed to protect our client's identity.