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Aurora Assist Can Help Your Business Locate New Premises

A new site expansion for your company can be a daunting prospect. If you are unfamiliar with the area, finding the perfect property can be a lengthy and challenging endeavour. Aurora Assist offers the solution. We boast a team of experts ready to assist you in discovering new properties and guiding you through the buying or leasing process.

Our contacts and clientele span Western Europe, the United Kingdom, and the continental United States. We possess extensive expertise in locating properties for a diverse range of companies, from fledgling start-ups to established corporations. Recognising that every company is unique, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements.

In the past, we have identified locations for new car parks, office buildings, holiday rentals, private homes, supermarkets, and more.

Aurora Assist offers the following services:

Property Sourcing

We maintain a vast network of contacts, enabling us to assist you in finding the ideal property in the desired location.


Our team is adept at negotiating lease terms and purchase agreements, ensuring you secure the most favourable deal.

Legal Assistance

Our legal experts are on hand to guide you through the legalities of leasing or purchasing a property in a new locale.

Site Visits

We can organise site visits and accompany you to inspect potential properties, offering expert advice and insights throughout.

Local Knowledge

Our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of the regions in which we operate, offering guidance on everything from local tax regulations to transport infrastructure.

If you're contemplating expanding your business to a new site, don't venture alone. Reach out to Aurora Assist today, and let us guide you to the ideal property for your enterprise.

Examples of How Aurora Assist Can Specifically Assist You

Aurora Assist delivers a comprehensive analysis of numerous factors essential for determining optimal locations for various developments and facilities, including restaurants, retail outlets, office spaces, car parks, and individual residences. Below are some examples of considerations our skilled team evaluates on your behalf:

For a supermarket or clothing store, it's crucial to identify locations with high footfall, convenient access, and proximity to other amenities such as schools, residential zones, and public transport links. The size of the store and the availability of parking are also pivotal considerations.

Similarly, when pinpointing locations for car parks, it's essential to seek areas with ample space for vehicles, coupled with easy access and proximity to amenities like office complexes, shopping centres, and transport hubs. Analysing local traffic trends and demand may also be necessary to determine the appropriate size and design of the car park.

For office buildings, considerations may include accessibility for staff and clients, the local talent pool, and proximity to other businesses or amenities. Zoning regulations and building codes may also influence the selection of suitable locations for office spaces.

For holiday rentals and private residences, factors such as proximity to tourist attractions, beaches, or other leisure facilities might be considered. Safety, privacy, and access to amenities like restaurants and shops might also influence the decision.

Selecting locations for various structures and facilities requires meticulous evaluation of numerous factors, including accessibility, space, zoning regulations, business rates, local demand, and amenities. Aurora Assist has successfully sourced all these and more for a diverse clientele worldwide. Join our satisfied clients today!