Stewardship & Philathropy

"No one has ever become poor from giving."
Anne Frank

Aurora Assist: Integrating Community Giving into Our Business Ethos

At Aurora Assist, our core belief revolves around the significance of contributing to our communities and the environment. We ardently promote our team members to engage in volunteer work for regional charities and non-profit entities. Recognizing the potential of individual contributions, however minute, to bring about societal change, we grant our employees paid leaves for volunteering and even assist in identifying new voluntary roles.

We are eager to learn about the charitable initiatives our staff partakes in, aiming to amplify our support. Our team's involvement spans diverse causes, from food banks and soup kitchens to initiatives combatting food wastage. While jurisdictional constraints sometimes limit our donation matching, we urge our employees to approach us for backing their charitable projects. As a corporate entity, our philanthropic gestures encompass monetary donations and pro bono business services to a myriad of global charities.

To bolster our charitable funds, we orchestrate a range of fundraising events, encompassing elite charity auctions, sponsored adrenaline-charged activities, and marathon fun runs, tailored for our clientele. We also laud employees who demonstrate exceptional commitment to humanitarian causes, nominating them for esteemed accolades in recognition of their altruistic endeavors. Delve deeper into one of our significant initiatives - the Cancer Charity Challenge!

At Aurora Assist, our dedication to fostering a philanthropic ethos is unwavering. We are resolute in our mission to safeguard our planet for forthcoming human generations and the broader animal kingdom. Through our company-wide and individual charitable endeavors, we aspire to cast a positive ripple effect on the global community.