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Effortless Workers' Compensation Claims with Aurora Assist

At Aurora Assist, we recognise the intricacies and stress associated with the workers' compensation process, especially for those injured at work. Our services are designed to guide individuals through this complex system, ensuring a smooth start to their claim.

A Different Approach to Workers' Compensation

Unlike many workers' compensation attorneys who might deduct up to 25% from an employee's already diminished paychecks and settlements, we operate differently. Aurora Assist is not a workers' comp attorney firm. Our focus is not on capitalising on potentially vulnerable clients. Instead, our fees are reasonable and not continuous.

Starting Your Claim Right

Aurora Assist's primary objective is to set the wheels in motion at the onset of a claim. We aim to help individuals find the right legal representation, if necessary, without imposing additional financial burdens. We are aware that some employers might be reluctant to involve their insurers. There are also instances where employers and insurers delay claim processing, leaving employees without their due pay. Our team is equipped to collaborate with clients, ensuring they obtain the right representation to negotiate a settlement with their employer if required.

Compassionate Support Throughout

Our commitment is to offer empathetic support, guiding clients through the intricate system and ensuring they secure the benefits and compensation they rightfully deserve. At Aurora Assist, transparency and fairness are paramount. We are dedicated to delivering a service that is both accessible and affordable to everyone.

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