Environmental Policy

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”Robert Swan

Greening the Office
Aurora Assist's Dedication to Environmental Stewardship

Understanding Our Impact

At Aurora Assist, we recognize the environmental implications of business operations. Committed to minimizing our carbon footprint, we're convinced that even minor actions can yield substantial environmental benefits, ensuring a sustainable future.

Promoting Telecommuting

One significant step towards environmental conservation is our promotion of telecommuting. By facilitating remote work, we drastically cut down vehicular emissions, reducing environmental pollutants. Our suite of remote communication tools ensures seamless connectivity and productivity for our team.

Mindful Printing

We champion digital communication, urging our staff to be judicious about printing. When essential, we opt for recycled paper and ensure responsible disposal. This approach not only conserves resources but also reduces waste.

Employee Education

Empowering our team with knowledge is key. We provide resources and training on green practices, encompassing energy conservation, waste minimization, and recycling. Our goal is consistent enhancement of our environmental practices, achieved through periodic reviews and adoption of innovative green solutions.

Our Environmental Pledge

As a conscientious corporate entity, we're deeply invested in environmental preservation. Through green policies and sustainable practices, we're doing our part in sculpting a greener, healthier planet.

For suggestions, feedback, or queries, please reach out to us at environment@aurora-assist.com.