Letter Writing

"Letters can be blessings. A well-written letter has the power to convey emotions, bridge distances, and ignite change. It captures the essence of one's thoughts and carries them on a journey, leaving an indelible mark on the recipient's heart and mind. It is through the art of letter writing that we can truly connect and make a difference in someone's life."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Crafting Your Words, Winning Your Battles
Crystal Clear Pricing: No Tricks, No Hidden Fees - Just Fair Rates

These prices are accurate as of September 22nd, 2023.

Navigating legal matters can often feel daunting and costly. At Aurora Assist, we provide a comprehensive letter writing service tailored to guide you through various scenarios, be it interactions with employers, landlords, tenants, banks, suppliers, or asserting your statutory rights.

Our dedicated team stands ready to assist in crafting impactful letters tailored to your unique needs. Leveraging our expertise, we apply the right pressure in the right areas, aiding you in sidestepping court action and securing favourable outcomes. Beyond mere letter writing, we're equipped to take further actions, such as initiating claims in small claims courts or tribunals.

At Aurora Assist, our commitment is to transparency in pricing. Expect no surprises or hidden fees, just fair rates you can rely on: (GBP/USD)

Standard letter (professionally polished): £44 / $54

Paralegal: £88 / $108

Lawyer: £144 / $176

Please note, these prices are for ad hoc letters. If we have an established relationship with you or you contract us to handle a matter on a fixed fee basis, the charges will be considerably lower.

For more intricate situations necessitating guidance on subsequent steps, we provide a fixed fee consultation to discuss potential avenues and offer direction. Importantly, our consultation fees can be credited towards any subsequent work we undertake for you in the same matter. While we do offer a fixed fee model for ongoing litigation cases, many of our clients achieve their desired results through our expertly crafted letters.

Our transparency isn't limited to pricing. We're proud to showcase recent successful outcomes for our clients. For instance, we recently penned a pro-bono letter for a client to their landlord, resulting in the client's desired outcome: early release from a 6-month 'licence' and full deposit return. The landlord's solitary reply was a letter of 'disagreement', but they ultimately acceded to our demands.

Our expertise lies in mediating between parties, fostering communication, and aiming for mutually beneficial resolutions. Our mission is to diminish your stress and offer the legal backing required to attain your desired outcome.

Whether you're in pursuit of assistance with payment demands, dispute resolutions, rights assertion, or legal intricacies, our seasoned professionals are poised to assist. Our expertise spans both the United States and the United Kingdom, enabling us to serve clients across these jurisdictions.

At Aurora Assist, we champion the belief that legal services should be both accessible and affordable. Our innovative "buy it now" model empowers you to manage your legal affairs without the concern of exorbitant costs. We aim to dismantle the typical barriers associated with seeking legal counsel, offering a transparent and straightforward process in its stead.

Don't let legal intricacies deter you. Opt for Aurora Assist as your trusted ally in resolving legal matters through our dependable and transparent letter writing service. Embark on your journey today, confident in the knowledge that you're backed by our unwavering commitment to fairness and clarity. Rely on us to deliver the outcomes you seek, devoid of unforeseen fees or surprises.