How One Grant Propelled a Tech Company to Seven-Figure Turnover

How a Business Grant Turned the Tables for a Credit-Strapped Startup and Made Bankers Eat Their Words

A few years ago we had a client who we had worked with for some time on a personal basis branch out into a tech start-up specialising in software development and cybersecurity solutions.

Our client had been in operation for over a year, but due to a lack of funding, they were unable to expand their services and grow their customer base. They had approached various high street banks for a loan, but their credit rating was not strong enough, and the banks were hesitant to lend to a relatively new and untested business. The client was at risk of failing before they could even get off the ground.

As our client had previously worked with us while he was with his prior employer, he approached Aurora Assist to help his new business secure funding through a business grant. Our team worked closely with him to understand his business, his business objectives, and their financial needs. We conducted a thorough review of the business plan, financial projections, and market research to identify potential funding opportunities.

Aurora Assist identified a government grant program that was specifically designed to support innovative start-ups in the technology sector. We worked closely with the client to prepare a comprehensive grant proposal that addressed all the requirements of the program. Our team helped the client to present their business in the best possible light, highlighting their innovative solutions, their unique approach to cybersecurity, and their potential for growth.

We successfully secured the grant for our client, enabling him to expand his business and increase the customer base. With the funding, he was able to hire additional staff, invest in new technology, and increase their marketing efforts. Over the next two years, the business grew rapidly, and they were able to generate an annual turnover now in seven figures. They have become a well-respected player in the technology sector, with a reputation for innovation and excellence.

Aurora Assist is thrilled to have played a critical role in the success of this start-up. By helping them secure the grant they needed to expand their business, we enabled them to achieve their goals and realize their potential. We are proud of the work we did for this client, and we continue to support them as they grow and thrive in the technology sector.